The Dark Fortress

The arrival of the Deathwing

Astartes Record: /// 4th Co arch /// Dark Angels
Crossfile to: /// ref: 0029042005
Author: /// Chronicler Isiah

ESTEEMED BROTHERS much time has passed since my last update but our work here has a momentum that seems to warp time itself.

I am pleased to report that the Dark Fortress garrison has successfully undertaken a series of changes to bring it into line with the recently revised battle-doctrines of the Adeptus Astartes. This has required minimal structural change to our battle order – the main change being the equipping of one of our attached Ravenwing squadrons with Land Speeders instead of Attack Bikes.

But the main event has been the redeployment of a Deathwing Strikeforce to our system to aid us in our fight against the evil forces of Chaos present on this planet. It has been confirmed that a Space Marine we had captured previously is [was] in fact a member of the Fallen. And for this reason it has been decided that this sector now warrants the presence of the battle-brothers from the First Company.

How the Deathwing presence will effect our own tactical and strategic operations as yet remains unclear. We are still on both long and short range patrols — a gruelling task yet an important one — and our commander here Interrogator-Chaplain Zuriel has been in contact with the Deathwing force commander Master Tahariel, the content of which we have not been made aware of.

The Master's Command squad led by brother sergeant Labezerin has already been at our listening station to evaluate our offensive capability, but we saw little of them as they spent much of their time in the chapel dedicating themselves afresh to the Emperor.

Further operational details will be posted in the near future.

Until the Sword is reforged.

Imperium Approved: Honoro Legio Dark Angels.

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Chronicler Isiah, the 4th Battle Company, Dark Angels.