The Dark Fortress

Librarium Introduction

You have reached the section containing downloads and links. Use the list on the right to navigate through the Librarium Archive section.

The Librarium has grown to include many items, so it has been organised into three sections:


Contains banners and other insignia and is regularly updated.


Contains items of historical Chapter importance.


Contains internet-based links and link banners.

In all sections further information will be filed as an when the Inner Circle of the Chapter allows the data to be released.

A note on the use of our banners and decals

I've gladly produced the banners and decal sheets for the 40K community to use and to pass around freely. They are NOT for resale, nor should they be redistributed in any form without this site's url or any other text or disclaimer or mark of origin, missing, altered or obscured, without our prior written permission. Have no fear, Interrogator-Chaplains will track down those who do.

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Chronicler Isiah, the 4th Battle Company, Dark Angels.