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Deathwing Battle Standards

Shown below are a selection of Battle Standards used by the Deathwing.

Battle Standards are carried by Deathwing Battle Groups of 5 squads or less, or where the Company Standard itself is forbidden to be carried due to a likelihood of capture or destruction. The Standards would be displayed on HQ sites, captured structures etc etc. The honour of carrying the standard would be bestowed upon a veteran Terminator Sergeant, who would with his accompanying protection of two battle brothers, not let the Standard out of his sight. Over the millennia the Battle Standards have changed to reflect the developing Chapter and Deathwing iconography — including changes to armour colouring.

Traditionally Deathwing Standard bearers have carried the Company Battle Standards on a backpole attached to the top of their terminator armour, this was for practical reasons as it then allows both the bearer's hands to remain free to carry weapons. More recently, in some circumstances (particularly ceremonial) the Astartes MkIX Regalius full banner system has been adopted, requiring larger standards to fit. Thus on the appointment of Belial as Grand Master of the Deathwing, it was decreed that two sizes of Company Battle Standard can now exist, one for either deployment.

Shown below are a selection of known Deathwing Battle Standards recorded in the Tactica Historica Vol 21//11/037/6f.

DW Battle Standard 1 DW Battle Standard 2 DW Battle Standard 3
DW Battle Standard 4 DW Battle Standard 5


All banners have been produced in Adobe Illustrator as vector illustrations, using cmyk colours and saved as a pdf. Banners can be printed just as they are, or opened in Photoshop where you can customise them by adding folds or distressing them etc.

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