The Dark Fortress

Vehicle markings — Dark Fortress garrison

Shown below is the general arrangement of markings and identifiers on a vehicle of the Dark Fortress Garrison.

The example shown here is that of a Rhino of the 3rd Squad, 4th Company of the Dark Angels.

Dark Fortress vehicle markings diagram

The double black vertical stripes form part of the Dark Fortress' campaign iconography. On vehicles they appear on the rear quarter and continue across the top of the vehicle and down the other side. A large Chapter symbol is placed on the vehicle's roof, the hilt towards the rear of the vehicle. The Company marking also appears on the front left track guard (when viewed from the front), squad designation marking appears on the front right track guard.

"It must be noted that under prolonged battle conditions, crews often add their own decoration, usually in the form of extracts from Dark Angels battle-hymns, and kill symbols. We do not condone this — merely recognise its existence."

Extract from Techmarine Manual <Signifer Doctrinarium//Mechanicus//Dark Angels>.