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Deathwing Sergeants' Couters

Shown below are the series of couters used until recently by Deathwing sergeants, worn on their left arm.

The couter (also spelled "cowter") is the defence for the elbow in form of piece of battle plate. Initially just a curved piece of plasteel, the couter has now become a decorative shield-shaped addition to the sergeants' Terminator armour.

Couters are not now generally used in action any longer, having been replaced by shield-shaped besagews embazoned with more personal heraldry. However, these are now sometimes still worn on ceremonial duties.

All imagery taken from Reference taken from <Libra Primero Deathwing>.

Deathwing sergeants couters squads 1-4 Deathwing sergeants couters squads 5-8 Deathwing sergeants couters squads 9-12 Deathwing sergeants couters squads 13-16 Deathwing sergeants couters squads 17-20


All artwork has been produced in Adobe Illustrator as vector illustrations, using cmyk colours and saved as a pdf. Banners can be printed just as they are, or opened in Photoshop where you can customise them by adding folds or distressing them etc.

These banners are intended to be printed by a colour laser printer or high quality inkjet printer. The Dark Fortress can take no responsibility for any loss or damage or waiving of manufacturers warranties caused by the use of this artwork.

Not for resale.

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