The Dark Fortress

Dark Angels pre-heresy decal set

Shown below are the Chapter symbol identifiers used by the Dark Angels Legions' forces before its reorganisation into chapters after the Horus Heresy.

Applied to power and tactical dreadnought armour, dreadnoughts, tanks and transport vehicles and other items of field equipment. Also used on the Legions banners.

Ref taken from the Tactica Doctrinarium Historica//35//Dark Angels. Further stencilgrams available from the Dark Angels Armoury.

Pre-Heresy Decal set


These decals are intended to be printed by a colour laser printer or high quality inkjet printer onto waterslide decal paper. Please check the documentation of your printer to ensure this type of paper may be used. The Dark Fortress can take no responsibility for any loss or damage or waiving of manufacturers warranties caused by the use of this artwork.

Not for resale.

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