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About The Dark Fortress

2 January 2020 | 8th Edition

What is it?

The Dark Fortress is a website that exists to publish practical, entertaining and useful articles for Warhammer 40K gamers and modellers, particularly those using Space Marines of the 'Unforgiven' — the Dark Angels and their Successor Chapters.

It showcases exemplar painted and converted armies, reviews and comments, offers tactical tips and hobby tutorials, and other resources that Dark Angel afficionados will find both fun and of benefit to their enjoyment of the hobby.

The Dark Fortress was launched in March 2003 by hobbyist/gamer/graphic designer codenamed Isiah (who now acts as overall editor). Content is produced and submitted by talented hobbyists from around the world.

The two key criteria for anything that appears here is 'usefulness' and 'high quality'.

Who is behind the scenes?

Isiah signature

Chronicler Isiah is the codename of a battle-brother in the first squad of the 4th Battle Company.

He has been given the task of recording the exploits of a garrison of Dark Angels during a posting, and has been given authority to transmit reports directly to the Inner Circle, and Imperial Headquarters without the oversight of the Interrogator-Chaplain accompanying the force.

But his real identity and purpose remain a mystery…


The 'real' person behind the scenes is a married man with two young boys who is interested in anything 40K, art, architecture, design, food, clever science fiction, technology, literature and military history.

He currently works as a designer within a large international structural engineering company. He lives near Bath in the UK.


Inner Circle logo

The author has been inducted into the Inner Circle. This is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to the furtherance of the Dark Angels and Unforgiven Chapters within the Warhammer 40K gaming community.

The author posts on 40K Forums on Dark Angels and other related matters, under the following usernames:

  • Isiah — on Bolter and Chainsword
    (Being a Moderator on the Dark Angels' panel from the launch of 4th Edition DA Codex back in Spring 2007 until March 8th 2014; and a Moderator on the Official Rules panel from 2010-2012.
  • Chronicler Isiah — on Gathering of Angels

How did it all start?

A brief history

The Dark Fortress started life very modestly in the Spring 2003 (the exact date of first upload lost in the hazy mists of time). The original intention was that it would be a simple journal site for my then new 4th Battle Company army, featuring batreps, fan fiction of my own creation and pictures — the usual fansite format.

Inevitably the site quickly outgrew the original remit with the addition of downloadable banners, special rules and other tactical articles being published. Not only that but the site has also been used to host three wargame campaigns (so far). These forming separate standalone mini-sites.

After a total design overhaul undertaken during 2010 and through a constant process of improvment and new features, The Dark Fortress forms a general resource for the Dark Angels and anyone else with an interest in Space Marines. It features a popular and growing gallery section; items of background information both fact, fiction and conjectural; reviews, interviews and comments; and a core of tactical and technical gaming exploration articles.

What of the future?

This site is here to stay and set to grow for the forseeable future. With web technology and user-functionality becoming increasingly sophisticated, The Dark Fortress needs to encompass more of it or fall behind. Scope for future site enhancements to both improve user-experience and the incorporation of social media functions will help to spread the word as it were.

Whatever is around the corner, The Dark Fortress will always primarily be content-driven. And in that respect I'd like to say thank you to all those who have made contributions in any way, whether it be taking part in a campaign, or saying yes when I pester them to allowing me to use their models in the gallery, or allowing me to use their tactics/other items elsewhere etc, so THANK YOU, you know who you are.

How often does new content appear?

New content is put up on the site every month. The number of new items might fluctuate but the aim is at least four items per month. This isn't as prolific as many blog sites — but this isn't a blog site, and articles can take a huge amount of time to research, write or edit.

Additions to the site is broadcast via our RSS feed and as an automated entry on Twitter. Details also appear on the Command Briefing page so it is worth bookmarking and checking frequently.


How can I get in touch?

You can get in touch via the Contact us page, or via a message to @twitter although I don't put much constructive effort into Twitter as I should. You are also welcome to leave your comments on any of the pages where that facility is active.

Can I contribute?

Yes. Check the Submissions page to better understand what we'd like to feature. If you are in any doubt about prospective content please do get in touch with your submission querry. You will always get an answer.

Can I advertise?

Yes if the right (sympathetic) product or service cames along. Contact me for further details.

Can we exchange links?

Yes but I only link to things I find useful or interesting and adding to the world in a positive way. I'm not a fan of linking to something just for SEO purposes. I have no problems with sites wanting to link to The Dark Fortress. Contact me for link exchange requests.

What are the site's web standards?

The Dark Fortress in its current version is built using the HTML5 standard and is styled using CSS3. Social networking, gallery and commenting features have been used extensively, some of which are javascript-based. No Flash is used as iPads and iPhones don't support it.

Other useful site information

Just ask

Thanks for reading. If you have any other questions, just drop me an email and ask.

I hope you enjoy your visits to The Dark Fortress.