The Dark Fortress

The next big thing…

30 Oct 2013

Deathwing wreaking bloody havoc
Grrrr!! Emerging from the wilderness in a bloodied frenzy.
Image: The Vanus Temple

Sometimes things just happen for a reason and usually for the better in the long run. Coming back from the wilderness.

Over the last few months I've taken a step back from 40K. Just felt the need to take a break I guess. I have resigned my role as moderator on the Bolter & Chainsword's DA section as too many other things in life were demanding my attention.

And this site has suffered as a consequence too. I am intending to make it mobile-device-friendly — quite a task for a part-time developer/owner like me. But it is still the 'big thing' for me to accomplish this year. Forget painting models — let alone actually gaming with them!

But in truth it's strange that I've been a bit at a loose end with the DA since the 6th Edition Codex came out. Maybe because it is generally so good I don't feel I have a 'cause' with regard to making them playable or finding ways to eek the last drop of juice out of them or fail as a consequence. And the thought of rewriting so many older Tacticas here feels like a mountain to climb that I'm not sure I'm equipped for.

It's odd indeed, just became very, very disinterested with it all for a while.

But picking up the reigns again and looking around afresh I'm seeing some interesting ways of playing with our favourite Chapter. DA builds have become built around the key units of Deathwing Knights and/or Ravenwing Black Knights — and why not? They are good indeed. Predictable? Not necessarily as there are still plenty of good unit and character choices to work with them. Librarian or Techmarine with Power Field Generator — tick that box. Banner of Devastation in a Crusader — tick that box too. Azrael leading a mixed-wing force — tick. Guard blobs with Azrael — tick, why not? It's all good and a far cry from the Deathwing-heavy builds that dominated during the latter years of 4th edition Codex due to the Greenwing becoming a poorer less effective choice.

But what are your thoughts. What's your next big thing with regards the DA?