The Dark Fortress

Dictum Legalis:
Linking Policy, Terms and Conditions

12 March 2020

We are always keen to forge links with like-minded websites to further the hobby. The guidelines below show our linking procedure and the general linking criteria and policy we adopt.

Linking to the The Dark Fortress website

Advance permission to link to this site is not required. But please be aware that pages change or can be moved periodically without notice, so links to The Dark Fortress should therefore be regularly checked to verify they still function as intended.

We also regualarly check sites that are linking to us for their quality and relevance as poor sites can adversely affect our SEO rating.

When to linking to The Dark Fortress, a site may not:

  • capture The Dark Fortress' pages within frames
  • present The Dark Fortress' content as its own, or otherwise misrepresent the The Dark Fortress site content
  • misinform users about the origin or ownership of the site content.

Any link to the The Dark Fortress website should be a full forward link that passes the client's browser to the relevant The Dark Fortress website page (, or for instance) without deviation or via a third party.

Linking to external sites

Please feel free to ask us to link to your site or blog. When asking for a link, please bear the following criteria in mind.

Suitable sites

External sites we link to must comply with The Dark Fortress' ideal of a single point of access to information and services that are safe, secure, convenient, efficient, user or customer service-oriented, accessible and visually well-designed.

Links to external sites will be attributed "rel=nofollow" as a matter of course. This is to safeguard against Google seeing us a link spammer.

Links to external sites can be added for any number of reasons, including:

  • for useful source material or other related information
  • for useful background information
  • for useful practical information
  • for related comment or discussion
  • for related enjoyment or entertainment.

Non-suitable sites

The site's content must be appropriate with respect to The Dark Fortress' own mission and must not be a site:

  • that exhibits hate, bias, discrimination, pornography, libelous or otherwise defamatory content
  • that contains content that might infringe upon the copyright or IP of other organisations or individuals
  • that belongs to or supports a political organisation
  • that furthers the agenda of a political organisation or political candidate.

The Dark Fortress reserves the right to deny or remove links at any time if it determines that an external site contains misleading or unsubstantiated claims, conflicts with The Dark Fortress' own site mission, or contains one or more of the non-suitable site criteria set out above.

External sites by category

40K fansites and other non-profit sites

Usually there is no problem with adding a link on The Dark Fortress to other 40K fansites or non-profit sites. Links to such sites remain entirely at The Dark Fortress' discretion.

Commercial sites

Sites where any kind of profit or financial gain is made are considered as being 'commercial' in nature. To reflect the potential increased traffic (and potential gain) to these sites from a link placed on The Dark Fortress, all commercial sites will be subject to a charge of $5 per link.

On successful acceptance of a link request from a commercial site, payment will be requested via PayPal. Once paid for the link will remain active for 1 year from the date of its placement, and will be removed after that year expires. Notification will be sent to the linked sites owner prior to it expiring, offering a renewal.

The consequences of linking

The Dark Fortress is unable to make any guarantee regarding amount or quality of traffic to any external site linked to. Nor will it be held responsible if increased or decreased traffic causes material, technical or financial loss, breaches of security or any other disadvantage or fault arising as a result of being linked to from The Dark Fortress.

Acceptance of Linking Policy

The request for and the subsequent acceptance of a link from The Dark Fortress implies agreement with all these terms and conditions of the Linking Policy.