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Privacy and cookie update notice

7 May 2012

New EU cookie directive
Not all cookies are bad!

In order to conform to an EU Directive (EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive) known as the 'Cookie Law' that becomes mandatory from the 26th May 2012, this site will be making a few changes to its Privacy policy.

Principally this will involve more in-depth explanation of the non-essential cookies that are used by this site, which this new directive specifically covers. For The Dark Fortress that means those set by Google Analytics (for user tracking purposes) and Disqus (for our embedded commenting system) — and how and what they collect in terms of information from your devices.

The new directive states that we must allow site visitors the choice to 'opt-out' of having cookies from The Dark Fortress installed on their browsing devices. At present it looks as though we will need a pop-up panel asking if you are ok with installing these cookies. If you are, then nothing really changes and your experience here and the features used will not change.

For those of you who aren't ok with these cookies, at this point I'm not sure how I will handle this. But I suspect with with no way to turn these particular cookies off, then you will be no longer able to visit this site unless you comply.

I know that might seem extreme, and another solution might present itself, but I'm just giving you fair warning.

This directive covers all EU-based sites as well as sites based elsewhere in the world that have EU visitors.

To find out a bit more about this new directive for yourself if you are a site owner, or just a curious visitor, then please use the links listed below — these sites seem to give the most sensible explanations of both the law and how to comply with it that I can find:

While for a more legalese explantion:

There are many other article around the web for those wanting more information. I'll be interested to know how other site owners intend to comply.