The Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress Chronicle II

23 January 2013

The release of the new 6th Edition DA Codex has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works regarding planned article updates.

But I'm not complaining as we now have a codex that better brings to life the character of our beloved Chapter.

That aside, it has created a backlog of articles that were planned to be uploaded due to other more immediate ones that have slipped in first. Here is an of upcoming items that I intend to get up here in the very near future.

A review of the new codex

It needs to be done and it's slowly happening. Best to leave it a while to let the dust settle before jumping in I think. I can see it being quite a big read though!

New Oratorium items

I have three or four items to add to the Oratorium (gallery) section. Two have already been seen on GW's site so they've pipped me to the post. No matter I'll add them anyway for Unforgiven posterity. Another item features a quite awesome Caestus Assault Ram, if this doesn't make you go out and buy one I don't know what will.

Apologies to those who have kindly submitted images of their models to feature here yet haven't seem them appear yet. They will go live and nothing will go unused.

Adding 'Published' dates to all articles

I will now add publication dates on articles published from 2013 onwards, also the 40K game edition at time of publication. But prior to this dates were rarely added, this isn't really a blog so dates don't really matter. Or so I foolishly thought.

But actually they do. I'm seeing people comment (and quite rightly) pointing out errors in Tech Reports and Tactica pages, not realising they were first published during previous 40K game editions. This just causes confusion and I want to avoid that from now on.

It means I need to look back through my records for each page and manually add the published date and code and re-upload them. This is a bit painful to be honest so it'll be a section-by-section job.

Updating, updating and more updating

Every new codex means certain types of article needs updating. Same goes with new game editions. I've been a bit naughty and have held back on this until our new codex came out. Now the hard work really begins! It's a labour of love really.

Planned change of web host

I have no complaints whatever with United Hosting (note: bought out by HostingUK in 2019) who have hosted this site very reliably for the past six and a half years. But it needs to move because it is now using a lot of bandwidth that under their price packages means it is fast becoming unsustainable in cost terms.

So the hunt is on for a reliable host who is a bit more generous with their bandwidth allowance, has the hardware to make it secure, and ensures minimal downtime. That will enable this place to carry on growing without needing to fret over going offline when exceeding its ungenerous monthly limits — as happened earlier this month.

When that host is found, there might or might not be a bit of downtime as things settle down. More later as it happens. [Edit: it never did!]