The Dark Fortress

Augurium Introduction

You have reached the section of the Dark Fortress where the deep space augurs and listening devices are sited.

This once secret section of the Dark Fortress is now opened. Until recently all activity resulting from astropathic and space scanning operations has remained classified for command personnel only. However not all items needed this classification.

Tech adepts and servitors administer the needs of the arcane astro-relays, auspexes, vox and other communication and scanning devices, while a small astropathic choir conveys and receives messages from and destined for the far reaches of the Imperium.

It is why the Dark Fortress is here. To eavesdrop on the likely threat sources upon the Imperium from this small segment of the galaxy.

Information made available here has been declared safe for release by garrison command and the Dark Angels' Inner Circle and, where they have a need to know, by the authority of the Inquisition. These organisations don't always agree resulting in frustrating delays.

Information gathered can take many forms including the interpretation and comment of intercepted messages, divinations and observations, and will be filed chronologically by creation.

Isiah signature

Chronicler Isiah, the 4th Battle Company, Dark Angels.