The Dark Fortress

New Dark Angels models

10 June 2015 | 7th Edition

Intercepted on the airwaves are these images of new Dark Angel models.

Strictly speaking the only new DA model is the awesome interrogator-Chaplain. I think he will be an amazing addition to any Unforgiven force.

We can be fairly sure that these presage a new DA Codex. The Devastators and the Librarian, together with the new Space Marine Assault squad (not shown) are generic models, painted in DA livery. No matter as they still look excellent sculpts. But what makes the Devastators very interesting is the inclusion of Grav Cannons. Although there are no hard rumours of a new DA Codex yet, we can pretty much assume our new Codex will feature Grav weapons throughout.

Images are reported as coming from Warhammer Visions 18 and White Dwarf 20th June.