The Dark Fortress

I can't believe where the time's gone

3 January 2020 | 8th Edition

Dark Angels.
Is the Hunt back on then?
Image: Josh Kinder via Spikey Bits.

Well, so it's nearly three years since the last update here. That says a lot about my involvement with the Dark Angels nowadays.

It's fair to say there is a lot of 40K that has passed me by. What game edition are we in? What Codex edition? Who or what are Primaris Space Marines? Do we still hunt the Fallen?

What's caused this? Well for one a change of platform to Facebook — a swearword to many maybe — for Flames of War groups which has become a bit of an addiction.

Another is a total de-incentivisation over anything 40K, fed up with game rules maybe — and ever-changing fluff. The need for something new.

As a result of this over the course of last year I've been selling most of my 40K models — principally to fund a small and growing Flames of War addiction. I think I currently have eight or so Grey Knight metal Terminators still, and an Inquisitor plus some Astra Militarum set to become his retinue. I don't think that little collection even constitutes a legal list anymore. I could actually get back into the game in some very small way. I am unwilling to totally burn my bridges.

I was also seriously considering rebuilding this site in Wordpress (currently it's a very simple flat-file database-free set up) but honestly that just seemed like too much work and I totally wasn't up for it at all. So I've done nothing.

That is not a good state of affairs, so 2020 will be a year of rejuvenation. There might be other things here than 40K though, but that's cool right?

The DA will always be a 'first love' so to speak.