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Dictum Legalis:
Comments and commenting policy

We have a commenting system on this site. This is a useful way to gain feedback, swap ideas and as a way to answer questions directly.

The commenting system is a third-party system by Disqus. To comment you just need to write your message in the white box and click the orange button. You will then need to enter in your name, email, and a website if you have one.

Alternatively, you can sign in using either your Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Yahoo or Disqus details by clicking the relevant button, before writing your message.

Comments will be moderated of course using the broad rules set out below.

Commenting policy

The Dark Fortress encourages constructive, funny, insightful comments as well as critical ones. But we don't like:

  • Bad language, slander, abuse or rudeness
  • Spamming or commercial promotion
  • People pretending to be someone else
  • Comments that are off topic or otherwise annoying

We don't publish every comment that gets submitted and we reserve the right to moderate and delete any comments. The fact that any comment remains on the site in no way constitutes an endorsement by The Dark Fortress.

Happy commenting

Last updated 17 April 2011