The Dark Fortress

Server move next Tuesday 12th April 2012. Site downtime

Our hosting company, United Hosting, are upgrading their servers. As a result of this The Dark Fortress will be offline next week for approximately 13 hours from 20:00pm Tuesday 12th April until 09:00pm Wednesday 13th April (GMT) as it will be moved onto a brand spanking new server.

For those interested, the specification of the new hardware provisioning is as follows:

  • Dell r710 Chassis with iDRAC remote management
  • 16 CPU Cores (previously 4 or 8)
  • 12GB RAM (previously 4GB or 8GB)
  • 15,000RPM SAS Disk Drives (previously 7,200RPM SATA)
  • 4 Disks running RAID10 for ultimate redundancy and performance (previously 2 disks on RAID1)

As well as the hardware improvement, from a site admin point of view the old Ensim control panel system is being changed to Cpanel. Cpanel is a huge improvement over Ensim. Not only does Cpanel allow us more flexibility in seamlessly keeping the server fully up to date with latest versions, but it also allows the running a lot more software and a lot more features. There will be noticable instant speed improvements in both the using of Cpanel and also the responsiveness of sites and scripts. Also included are over 150 up-to-date auto installing scripts in the control panel and a whole host of other new toys to play with.

It all sounds good. Hopefully the Tech Adepts will get to everything to migrate fairly painlessly. No doubt there will be fun and games if it doesn't, so any strange errors please let me know by email, or Twitter #thedarkfortress.