The Dark Fortress

Command Briefing 2017-19

Lion El'Jonson by Michael

Added 7 March 2017 to ORATORIUM

With primarchs seemingly being returned to action by Games Workshop, it seems opportune that this fabulous vision of the Dark Angels' primarch sees the light of day.

A lesson for Games Workshop on keeping gamers onside during a rules edition transition

Added 2 March 2017 to AUGURIUM

This will be my first FoW edition change, but I'm liking what I see particularly in terms of Battlefront's attitude toward their existing customer base.

Dark Angels' name creator

Added 28 February 2017 to LIBRARIUM

Don't let your Unforgiven remain unnamed. Use this tool to name your Dark Angels.

Flames of War — Fallschirmjägers

Added 7 February 2017 to AUGURIUM

What is it with small, elite armies? With pure Deathwing a memory in our 7th Edition Codex, how to keep the theme of small, outnumbered and outgunned elite forces alive?

Deathwing doldrums — the January 2017 Dark Angels faq

Added 27 January 2017 to AUGURIUM

So on 20 January Games Workshop dropped a set of faqs on us. You can imagine the excitement in the Isiah household.