The Dark Fortress

The Book of Names: K

The list of Dark Angel names beginning with K. Due to being one of the smallest name groups within the Book of Names, Proportionately few brothers have been called to high office — Korahael though was a former Company Master of the 4th Company and Master of the Fleet.

  • Kabshiel
  • Kabzeel
  • Kadiel
  • Kadmiel
  • Kaelen
  • Kakabel
  • Kalidius
  • Kamali
  • Karoz
  • Kasbeel
  • Kasdaye
  • Katzfiel
  • Kazmiel
  • Kenaz
  • Kepharel
  • Kerubiel
  • Ketheriel
  • Kfial
  • Kohl
  • Kokabel
  • Kokaviel
  • Korahael
  • Ksoppghiel
  • Kudin
  • Kukiel
  • Kushiel
  • Kutiel
  • Kyrial

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