The Dark Fortress

2nd [Ravenwing] Company

5th Edition

The second Company of the Dark Angels — known as the Ravenwing — is a unique company fielding battle brothers mounted on Land Speeders, bikes and attack bikes. Proud of their unique identity within the Chapter and they wear the black armour of the old Dark Angels Legion and have an organisation that is entirely their own.

The primary role of the Ravenwing is to act as the battlegroups' eyes and ears whilst on campaign, harassing the rearguards and flanks of enemy forces. The Ravenwing is also expected to mount long-range recce and hit-and-run patrols often deep within enemy held territory. Trained to an extremely high standard it must be considered the best mounted company the Adeptus Astartes possess. Ravenwing Squadrons serve within Dark Angels battegroups all over the universe. And when occasionally called upon to fight as a complete company it is always lead by the Master of the Ravenwing.

Recruited from the cream of the Chapters' recruits, the Ravenwing's regime of training and constant campaigning has created a battle-hardened corps of excellent fighting calibre. Every member of the Ravenwing is trained to fight as a biker, a Land Speeder pilot and a gunner. This allows the Company a great deal of tactical options when deciding upon the most effective method of deployment.

As an added tactical stratagem, every Ravenwing bike has a built-in teleport homer. This allows the bikers seek out good positions upon the battlefield then to call in the support of the Deathwing's Terminators. Thus the full wrath of the Chapters' two elite companies can be brought to bear to devastating effect.

Flexibility is the key to the Ravenwing. The normal infantry-style 10-man squads are replaced by one of two specialist mounted squadrons:

  • Attack Squadrons fielding a maximum of 6 bikes, 1 attack bike and 1 Land Speeder.
  • or, Support Squadrons fielding a maximum of 5 Land Speeders.

Nominal disposition of the Ravenwing

The disposition below shows the various unit types and vehicles available to the Ravenwing:


Master: Sammael
Chaplain: Dominus
Apothecary: Omael
Standard Bearer: Rosabis

Attack Squadrons [from 10 up to a maximum of 33]

Bike elements are semi-permanent units. The minimum strength is of only three bikes and these may be backed up by an attack bike if required for extra fire support. A further three bikes may be added bringing the Squadron to six bikes and one attack bike. When deploying six bikes a Land Speeder may be fielded too affording them valuable air cover. The six Bikes may be split into two 3-bike combat squad, each seeking out different foes to target. Similarly any attached attack bike or Land Speeder may be split off as individual units as tactical needs dictate. The bikers may be given a range of assault and close-combat weaponry to enable them to take the fight to the enemy.

Support Squadrons [from 10 up to a maximum of 50]

These are very fluid units, formed as tactics demand. With a minimum strength of only a single Land Speeder up to a maximum of five. When at full strength one Land Speeder may carry the Typhoon missile system and another an assault cannon. Each Land Speeder may equip itself with either a heavy bolter a multi-melta or a heavy flamer.

Vehicle disposition

The totals below gives an indication of the various vehicle types currently available to the Ravenwing for deployment in action:

Bikes [99]
Attack Bikes [20]
Land Speeders [50]
of which can be upgraded to Land Speeder Tornados [20]
of which can be upgraded to Land Speeder Typhoons [20]
Land Speeder Tempests
There are also a small number of these more heavily armoured single-seater Tempest variants available but no more than 5, forming a single squadron, or fielded individually as tactical needs arise.

Personnel temporarily attached from the Armoury

1 Techmarine Suprema
2 Techmarines (one or two Bike-mounted)
13 Servitors
11 Techno-Mats

This gives a total Company complement of 170 vehicles, 100 battle-brothers
(excluding HQ and attached Techmarines).

Fielding the complete Company using the Force Organisation Chart

Unfortunately this isn't possible as there are no Elite or Heavy Support options available for the Ravenwing to use and we are restricted to just two HQ choices. Thus we are limited to filling all the HQ and Troop slots, then the Fast Attack. This leaves 8 marines short of the full Company.


Chaplain or Librarian on bike
(note that strictly these characters aren't Ravenwing. They do not have Scout nor do their bikes have teleport homers.)

Troops (60 marines)

Attack Squadron 1: 6 bikes, 1 x attack bike, 1 x Tornado
(includes Apothecary and Standard bearer).
Attack Squadron 2: 6 bikes, 1 x attack bike, 1 x Tornado.
Attack Squadron 3: 6 bikes, 1 x attack bike, 1 x Tornado.
Attack Squadron 4: 6 bikes, 1 x attack bike, 1 x Tornado.
Attack Squadron 5: 6 bikes, 1 x attack bike, 1 x Tornado.
Attack Squadron 6: 6 bikes, 1 x attack bike, 1 x Tornado.

Fast Attack (30 marines)

Support Squadron 1: 5 x Land Speeders.
Support Squadron 2: 5 x Land Speeders.
Support Squadron 3: 5 x Land Speeders.


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