The Dark Fortress

Inquisitorial detachment lead by Coteaz

23 March 2015 | 7th Edition

This is the disposition of Inquisitor Coteaz's allied detachment.

It has been known for Inquisitor Coteaz to demand a presence on various missions undertaken by the Dark Fortress garrison (and the wider Unforgiven). Generally he is accompanied by a retinue taking the form of a largely firepower-biased force. Observations have determined the battle order below to be the general pattern of his retinue.

Inquisitor Sanz Rodemstev isn't strictly part of this Inquisitorial detachment as he is currently working alongside the Grey Knights' contingent. It isn't quite clear what the relationship between Coteaz and Rodemstev is or indeed whether they share the same mission parameters.

It should be noted that several units have not always been present whenever Coteaz has appeared alongside the Dark Fortress garrison, these have been recorded marked as 'optional'.

HQ symbol Inquisitor Coteaz
Artificer armour, master-crafted Nemesis daemon hammer, psyber-eagle, psyk-out grenades, bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades
HQ symbol Inquisitor: Sanz Rodemstev
Terminator armour, psycannon and daemon hammer. [Various other items of wargear and psychic powers as required.]
Troops symbol Henchman warband
3 x Acolytes with plasma guns or meltaguns
4 x Acolytes with storm bolters
3 x Servitors with plasma cannons or multi-meltas
1-2 x Jokaero Weaponsmiths (optional)
1 x Chimera transport with multi-laser and heavy bolter (optional)


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