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A look at where the DA were in 8th Edition prior to the Psychic Awakening

29 March | 8th Edition

Dark Angels in action
Taste some plasma, it's not our best weapon for nothing.
Image: Games Workshop

So where were the Dark Angels in 8th Edition before the Awakening? Not top tier by any means but they were still Space Marines so that counts for something doesn't it? So let's see what Goonhammer's thoughts were about this.

There is really no point in sitting down and pouring out thoughts on the relative weakness of the Unforgiven compared to our other power armoured brethren when someone else has done it far better and with such cutting-sarcasm as the guys over at Goonhammer. It was written on 5 October 2019 — that date is significant as it pre-dates the launch of the Psychic Awakening in February 2020 when to an extent things got much brighter for us in the grim darkness of 40K. So it is linked to here for reasons of interest and posterity, if nothing else. A snapshot of the Unforgiven at one given point in (a very low ebb) time.

Also bear in mind that their piece is written largely from the point of view of more competitive and tournament play rather than the beer-and-pretzels-40K angle. Nevertheless it does make for grim reading.

Basically everything about the Unforgiven is less good than anything the Codex Marine Chapters have to offer. But then I'm sure you'd already realised that. It's quite an analytical look at everything from strengths, weaknesses, special rules, stratagems, characters, psychic powers, units, tactics and lists. A very comprehensive overview in fact. Be aware of the language though as it isn't exactly Safe For Work so to speak.

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