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A look at where the DA are in 8th Edition after the Psychic Awakening

5 April | 8th Edition

Dark Angels in action
We have Relentless Hunt and we're coming for you.
Image: Lil' Legend Painting Studio

A look at post-Awakening Dark Angels by way of a fairly well rounded review of the Ritual of the Damned by Frontline Gaming.

Given the relatively low starting level (in Space Marine terms) it's a relief to becoming something a little more competitive — even if not quite Iron Hands competitive yet. It makes a refreshing counterpoint to the pre-Psychic Awakening state-of-play provided by Goonhammer.

The Dark Angels gained several new or revised special rules, stratagems, relics, traits and psychic powers. One of most fun of all (for me anyway) has to be the new Chapter Doctrine Relelntless Hunt. This adds 6" range to weapons to heavy and assault weapons (3" to pistols) while the Devastator Doctrine is active. Great for additional plasma reach.

This lets you outrange units you previously could not, and lets you stay still more to get the re-roll ones from Grim Resolve. This gives you more flexibility in your movement to catch angles previously unable to.

Sadly their assessment of Terminators is spot on, but this is not just a Dark Angels issue. With the rise of the Primaris Marine it's hard to see what old school Terminator units are actually for nowadays anyway. Deathwing Knights are still worth a gamble though, and they remain without doubt our 'best' Deathwing unit option especially if using the new Combined Assault strategem. By the way this can be used with any unit/character with the Deathwing keyword.

Overall a nicely balanced overview of the Dark Angels' boosts. It's great to see some much-needed life being injected into the Unforgiven, it's just a bit sad that it's taken a supplementary ruleset to bring it out. But that's fine. Most DA players are in it for the long game anyway and not part of the win-at-all-costs Chapter-jumping bandwagoners brigade.

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