The Dark Fortress

Current Status of the 4th Battle Company

28 March 2014 | 6th Edition

Following the new edicts issued by the Astartes and our own Inner Circle we have been undergoing a degree of reorganisation within the company. All squads are now up to full strength.


Master: Mezarius 'The White' (deputising)
Chaplain Zuriel
Custodian of Honour (Company Champion): Haradiel
Apothecary: Jorin
Standard Bearer: Amiel

Company Command Squad

This unit is formed on an ad-hoc basis and includes the Apothecary, Standard Bearer, Custodian of Honour plus two marines. It has a Razorback as transport.

Company Veteran Squad

This unit is formed on an ad-hoc basis and can be of varying size and weapon composition depending on tactical deployment requirements. When used experienced marines are drawn from the company's squads. In order to be eligible to be part of the Veteran Squad, a Battle-Brother must have served on no less than 300 active campaign assignments.

Squads, Dreadnoughts and Rhinos

6 x 10-man Tactical Squads
2 x 10-man Assault Squads
2 x 10-man Devastator Squads
4 x Dreadnoughts
8 x Rhinos

Temporarily attached from Ravenwing Company

1 x Ravenwing Attack Squadron of 6 bikes and 1 attack bike.
3 x Land Speeders

Temporarily attached from the 10th Company

1 x 10-man Scout Squad

Temporarily attached from the Armoury

3 x Techmarines
12 x Servitors
2 x Razorbacks
2 x Whirlwinds
1 x Predator — Annihilator Pattern
3 x Predators — Destructor Pattern
1 x Vindicator


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