The Dark Fortress

7th Reserve Company

3rd Edition

Note: This was first written during our 3rd Edition Codex when non-Ravenwing Land Speeders were still a possibility!

Normally organised into 10 Tactical squads, the company also has the unique ability of supplying battle brothers mounted on Land Speeders to support other Battle Companies whenever the Ravenwing are unavailable. Usually only a maximum of three squadrons are deployed with any one battlegroup.

Unlike the Ravenwing, the 7th Company has access to all variants of Land Speeders and includes a high proportion of Typhoons and hard-hitting Tempests. Additionally, all crews are trained to deploy via deep strike with their vehicles — a task for which they are constantly called upon. The demand for Land Speeders is high throughout the Adeptus Astartes but particularly within the Dark Angels as the Ravenwing are often drawn away to campaign as an independent force.

The 7th Company never deploys as a fully mounted force, instead it acts as a reserve of Land Speeders for immediate deployment, Tactical squads being quickly reorganised into squadrons. The task of maintaining the Land Speeders falls to the Techmarines. To cope, the 7th (like the 6th) Reserve Company fields a large attached retinue from the Chapter's Armoury in order to maintain the fleet of vehicles needed.

Battle brothers are primarily trained in normal infantry roles to fulfill their main duty as a reserve to the Tactical squads of the Battle companies, but the 7th has also provided crews to the 2nd [Ravenwing] Company, a mark of the high level of training and dedication shown by the 7th in operating in its dual role.

It is common for squads from the Reserve Companies to combine and campaign as fully-fledged battlegroups in their own right, a task they are well able to perform. This and a regime of arduous training on hostile worlds ensures the 7th are constantly prepared and battle-ready.

The disposition shown below indicates the number and type of Land Speeder available to the 7th Company for deployment:


Master: Tzadkiel
Chaplain: Vel
Apothecary: Gabamiah
Standard Bearer: Akkad


Flexibility is paramount, squadrons can be disbanded and reformed with different combinations of Land Speeder variant as tactical needs dictate.

Note that Typhoons and Tempests are at a fixed establishment, whilst standard Land Speeders can be upgunned with the deadly Assault Cannon to Land Speeder Tornadoes as more weapons become available.

Land Speeders [20]

4 Squadrons [1st-4th] of: 3 x Land Speeders
4 Squadrons [5th- 8th] of: 2 x Land Speeders

Land Speeder Tornadoes [15]

3 Squadrons [9th-11th] of: 3 x Land Speeder Tornadoes
3 Squadrons [12th-14th] of: 2 x Land Speeder Tornadoes

Land Speeder Typhoons [10]

2 Squadrons [15th and 16th] of: 3 x Land Speeder Typhoons
2 Squadrons [17th and 18th] of: 2 x Land Speeder Typhoons

Land Speeder Tempests [10]

2 Squadron [19th and 20th] of: 3 x Land Speeder Tempests
2 Squadron [21st and 22nd] of: 2 x Land Speeder Tempests

Temporarily attached from the Armoury

1 Techmarine Suprema
2 Techmarines
11 Servitors
11 Techno-Mats

This gives a total company complement of 55 vehicles, 100 battle-brothers (excluding HQ and attached Techmarines)


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