The Dark Fortress

Command Briefing 2015

A review of the DA Official Update for 7th Edition version 1.0

Added 24 December 2015 to AUGURIUM

So after a six months wait for a credible FAQ to clear up a few issues within the 7th Edition DA Codex, something finally arrives.

Possible December Dark Angels FAQ soon?

Added 7 December 2015 to AUGURIUM

Spotted on a Russian forum and posted on the Bolter & Chainsword. But what do you think?

Asmodai by Uruk

Added 16 December 2015 to ORATORIUM

The original metal Asmodai was one of my favourite classic DA model sculpts, despite the fact he had a weapon combination not found in the DA Codex. No matter. His new incarnation is, if anything, more characterful than the old.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels at Warhammer World

Added 7 December 2015 to AUGURIUM

Spotted at Warhammer World — striking Horus Heresy Dark Angels exhibition panel.

The long blackout and quarantine ends

Added 2 November 2015 to HQ

The self-imposed transmission blackout is scheduled to expire soon. Data protocols are successfully re-establishing and reliable astropathic channels being sought. At long last the veils of Chaos-derived interference can be lifted to reveal newly blessed matriculators within the codifier rooms. The Dark Fortress is once again a bright beacon of the Dark Angels.

Cogitator failure

Added 14 July 2015 to HQ

Sabotage, or a lack of dedication to the Machine Spirits, has resulted in cogitator and general system failures. For the time being output from The Dark Fortress will be limited. Adepts are on hand under the guidance of the Tech-Priests to get the critical systems back online as soon as possible. Rest assured the garrison and listening station is maintaining its watchful state in this important sector of the galaxy and data is being logged and recorded for transmission in the near future.

7th Edition Dark Angels Codex rumour roundup

Added 25 June 2015 to AUGURIUM

For those who like to open their Christmas presents before the big day… this is for you! If you don't then don't click on the images. Note that these are big images so not so good for those of you on 3G/4G rather than WiFi.

200 years ago today — the battle of Waterloo

Added 18 June 2015 to AUGURIUM

June the 18th 1815 saw the dramatic culmination of what we now call the 100 days campaign. The final huzzah of Napoleon and the first French Empire. But at a great cost.

New Dark Angels Lion's Blade strike force details

Added 17 June 2015 to AUGURIUM

Intercepted on the airwaves is this detail showing details of formations and detachments from the new Dark Angels codex.

New Dark Angels codex cover and limited edition contents

Added 17 June 2015 to AUGURIUM

Intercepted on the airwaves are these images of new the new 7th edition Dark Angels codex cover and the contents of the limited edition set.

Images of new Dark Angels models

Added 12 June 2015 to AUGURIUM

What better way to open a new section on the website than by showing images of new Dark Angels? We can be fairly sure that these presage a new DA Codex.

Dark Angels new Codex rumours

Added 9 June 2015 to HQ

If you came here looking for rumours on the new DA Codex you will be disappointed as there is nothing really concrete to report on yet. But when they do start becoming interesting there will be a new section on this site that will cover them and comment on the more 'newsy' Dark Angels' stuff found around the web.

Responsive site launch

Added 21 April 2015 to HQ

At long last after months of code tinkering and a degree of anguish, a responsive version of the site was launched early last week on Tuesday 14th.

Standard of Devastation. Maximising infantry bolters

Added 20 April 2015 to TECH REPORTS

Is it wrong to build a complete list around the awesomeness of the Standard of Devastation? Well no, so let's have a closer look. Note that this was first put together well over a year ago but never put online — and as such it feels the moment has already passed. The Standard of Fortitude is the new boy on the block.

Dark Fortress allied Militarum Tempestus contingent

Added 23 March 2015 to TACTICA REPORTS

Detailing the disposition of the small Militarum Tempestus strike force on standby for immediate insertion into operational rosters.

Mathhammering Belial

Added 20 March 2015 to TECH REPORTS

So you want to include Belial in your army. Great. But how best to arm him? Matthammer might give you some useful pointers. Applying some scientific rigour to answer the age old issue of how best to arm Belial.

Alpha strike Deathwing lists

Added 19 March 2015 to TECH REPORTS

Well this has been a long time in gestation. Every now and again it's good to look at popular army list styles and modes of play. Here are some pure 'alphawing' list that seems fairly typical of what's being put together for Dark Angels at this juncture of 40K. And why not it has much going for it, so milk it while you can.

Search function turned off

Added 10 March 2015 to HQ

Site search function has been removed due to the third party provider, Atomz, being part of a larger outfit bought by Adobe who subsequently switched off the search operation. Which is a pity. A new site search will be up and running soon when one can be found that meets requirements.

Updated: Ravenwing strikeforce by bevulf

Added 4 March 2015 to ORATORIUM

Really good looking Ravenwing armies are as rare as hens teeth as technically black is difficult to paint well. So here's a good example of what can be done, all beautifully put together by bevulf.

Deathwing Terminator on patrol by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

Added 2 March 2015 to ORATORIUM

An impressive manifestation of the might of the elite first company roaming an urban battlefield.

Dark Fortress Chronicle III

Added 30 January 2015 to HQ

Not the State of the Nation exactly, but looking ahead to new content, site, and Dark Angels' developments for 2015. And a look back at some distractions from last year.