The Dark Fortress

Command Briefing 2014

Spectral Dark Angels by Jon Law

Added 22 December 2014 to ORATORIUM

What better way to visually depict the grimdark atmosphere of 40K warfare than being photographed in the style of Jon Law's models?

Veteran sergeant Naaman by Urukguy

Added 5 December 2014 to ORATORIUM

Despite the double indiginity of being killed off on Piscina IV and thus no longer featuring in the last two Dark Angel Codexes, Naaman is still very close to Dark Angel hearts. This is a simple but effective Naaman conversion that uses the Sergeant Telion model as a base.

Deathwing Contemptor Dreadnought by Urukguy

Added 7 November 2014 to ORATORIUM

So here's a stunning model to support your Deathwing squads or anything else for that matter.

Dark Angels Battle Company strikeforce by Minx

Added 15 October 2014 to ORATORIUM

A large collection of Dark Angels is always a welcome sight. A large collection of well-painted Greenwing is even better. Apparently there are 87 Marines here, getting on for a full Company. I'm not counting.

Mechanised Deathwing Knights by Michalek

Added 13 October 2014 to ORATORIUM

I'm making no excuses here for featuring yet more stunning Deathwing Knights. But also an equally stunning Redeemer that could actually be showcased on its own.

Guardians of the Covenant strikeforce by SpaceWaffle

Added 8 October 2014 to ORATORIUM

The GotC have always been a popular choice to model as their colour scheme is so dramatic. This Tactical squad and their Rhino and a First Company Knight are a great demonstration of these Successor's visual appeal.

Ravenwing Nephilim Jetfighter by Onei

Added 17 September 2014 to ORATORIUM

Perversely what looks like should be one of the easiest colours to paint, black, is actually one of the hardest as anyone who has struggled with blotchy, thick-edged highlighting can attest to.

Deathwing armoury expansion by Nathanuel

Added 22 August 2014 to ORATORIUM

Further models added to the already impressive armoury already in service with Nathanuel's First Company, including a mighty Glaive-pattern Fellblade.

Dark Angels successor 'Sons of the Morning Star' strikeforce by Wappel

Added 6 June 2014 to ORATORIUM

Beautifully painted Dark Angels successor chapter using a unique colour scheme as well as displaying some amazing shading techniques.

Deathwing strikeforce by Minghella

Added 9 May 2014 to ORATORIUM

Two very nicely prepared Deathwing squads and a great Belial who really stands out from the crowd.

Shadow Legion strikeforce by Dezmord

Added 23 April 2014 to ORATORIUM

Always great to see well produced Dark Angels' successor Chapters. For me this is what DA successors should look like. Dark. With some Dark Angels green to tie them to the mother Chapter.

Dark Angels Contemptor Dreadnought by Blalock-Doane

Added 31 March 2014 to ORATORIUM

Forge World's Contemptor Dreadnought is a unit that has just really taken off. The model looks great and the rules and points cost are all well thought through. They can be painted to look pretty awesome too, as this one by Bennett Blalock-Doane demonstrates.

Responsive design preparation and general site improvements

Added 28 March 2014 to HQ

Over the next few weeks there will be a few changes happening to enable this site to be fully responsive, that is to become a better experience for the growing number of visitors coming here using mobile and tablet devices.

Dark Angels strikeforce by Joel

Added 25 March 2014 to ORATORIUM

A great collection of characterful Dark Angels that started from humble beginnings as a break from painting Imperial Guard. Originally to be used as allies, they eventually took over!

Belial's Personal Banner

Added 28 February 2014 to LIBRARIUM

Prior to his elevation to the Grand Master of the Deathwing, Belial as Master of the 3rd (Battle) Company, was like all Masters entitled to display his own personal heraldry on his banner. He still can use this personal banner in theatres where he is accompanied by less than one third of the Deathwing Company.

Updated: The Dark Vengeance army list. Building to 1500 points

Added 28 February 2014 to TECH REPORTS

With so many Dark Vengeance boxes forming the basis of new DA armies, I was asked by someone to build a viable legal 1500 points list by only adding to what came in the box. I love a list-building challenge. Now updated for 6th Edition.

Dark Angels strikeforce by the Den of Imagination

Added 19 February 2014 to ORATORIUM

A complete cross-section of HQs and units showcased here in this bold collection of models from a professional painting studio based in Europe.

Deathwing armoury by Nathanuel

Added 28 January 2014 to ORATORIUM

Deathwing, rolling out the heavy guns. And some of them are big! An inspring collection of vehicles on assignment with the First Company.

Deathwing from the past by Marcus

Added 22 January 2014 to ORATORIUM

One for nostalgia buffs. It's hard to believe that this is what Terminators actually used to look like! Also features Azrael and a mean looking Dreadnought.