The Dark Fortress

Deathwing armoury by Nathanuel

Deathwing, rolling out the heavy guns. And some of them are big! An inspring collection of vehicles on assignment with the First Company.

Over the years, Nathanuel has evolved his painting and modeling style to match the darkening days of the 41st millennium, and so his Deathwing has taken on a dark and brooding feel.

With the Assault Ram for instance, he intended it to look as though it just broken atmosphere heading to the surface of a war-torn planet. He wanted it to look somewhat desperate and battered, as if it had been constantly re-tasked for surface landings in a battle against an endless xeno invasion. As you will see, much of Nathanuel's Deathwing armoury has taken on this battle-weary feel, as though the prolonged assault has the First Company stretched to its very limit.

My painting scheme starts with a very particular spray undercoat: Rust-Oleum's Flat Brown, in my attempt to get this distinctive bone coloring. The first coat is 2:1 Vermin Brown (forget the new Games Workshop paint names) and Bleached Bone that is sponge-painted on. The second coat of 2:1 Bleached Bone and Vermin Brown is washed over this first coat to even out. Finally, a soft and very gradual drybrushing of Bleached Bone is used to finish, with a bit of white highlighting.

The standout points are the excellent freehand motifs, lettering and decoration that adorn most of the vehicles. Also the laser-cut DA iconogrpahy, custom designed and cut for these models. Also note the use of both the sponged battle and painted damage, and the subtle weathering on metallic surfaces and armour panels.

Strictly speaking, some of these vehicles don't officially form part of the Deathwing armoury. But if we play it that they've had a repaint as they are extensively used on campaign seconded to the First Company then all is well. Tracked vehicle elements of Nathanuel's Deathwing include three Vindicators, a Land Raider Redeemer, a Spartan Assault Tank and a Legion Typhon Heavy Siege Tank. The Caestus Assault Ram the alternative flyer transport vehicle.


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