The Dark Fortress

A Dark Angels Strikeforce by VanSan

A very cool and so far small collection of combined Deathwing and Ravenwing of the highest quality.

Very cleanly painted, the whole is inspired by the classic Space Hulk theme (the use of extensive black and yellow warning stripes gives this lot a great archaic 2nd edition feel) reflected in the cleverly put together bases of wrecked and sectioned deck plates.

The use of the raised display bases serves a second purpose beyond the decorative in that they heighten the slightly smaller metal terminator models used and this coupled with the classic unifying colour scheme and excellent attention to detail means it's hard to distinguish old models from new.

But the obvious new models that can be picked out are the unique RW riderless bikes devised by VanSan:

Because this is a Space Hulk themed army I don't want bikes in it but I want to test them in combination with the Terminators so I built these robots that represent the bikes.

A highly creative take - well executed in both concept and modelling. This collection is set to grow so more images will be added as they become available.


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