The Dark Fortress

DA visualised by Lord Dubu

A couple of really nice imaginative characters from the world of 40K made real through the pen.

Cartoon-style artwork relies on many things to look "right". This has it. The monotone of the images is great — the lack of colour heightening the brooding presence of the characters.

I like the fact they are so sketchy and unpolished, caricatures rather than real portraits but not over exaggerated or affected. Can imagine them being drawn by a Brother whilst on campaign and stored in his log or journal. Their seeming spontaneity giving them a life of their own.

The first image, Brother Lethaniel, is serving time with the Deathwatch — hence the DA icon on his right shoulder pad. You can just make out the details of the Deathwatch's distinctive left pad. As he carries a large ceremonial dagger so I assume he's part of the Deathwing, possibly now serving as a Deathwatch First Company Veteran, Watch Captain or Watch Commander judging by his weaponry and accoutrements.

I particularly like the lower image of the Tactical squad marine. There are some really nice details in there: being loaded with belts and equipment and with the hovering servo-skull targeting or reconning ahead. Great face too.

Be great to seem more of this quality of work.


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