The Dark Fortress

Cypher by Rezial

Out of the swirling mists of the battlefield a shadowy figure materialises. He wields two pistols with a marksman's finesse and carries a large sword on his back. The Unforgiven hunt him, the Fallen follow him, and collectors love to paint the characterful model.

Because he has no current rules, Rezial has modelled him so he fulfills the role of a decorative objective marker. And notice Cypher has the Dark Angel Legion black armour as Rezial prefered that original look.

Most of my regular DA marines use bleached bone on aquilas and other armour reliefs but I wanted Cypher to be Pre-heresy palette. The main difference in the paint is the freehand demon wings I added to his right shoulder pad. He has an inverted broken blade there and I thought the play with the Deathwing sigil would be neat. I still find it difficult to get good highlight lines on the armors but I was happy with this. His robes are darker than my other marines as well because of the way he is sculpted looking ratty and threadbare.

Cypher's eyes have been left unpainted as this was intended to give the impression of how deep and dark the hood is. The base is very a impressive cork (and tyranid skull embedded) construction that additionally surves as a means of adding additional colours to the model. The model itself is metal and has many small surface imperfections, the whole project took around two days work off and on.

I like the red sword hilt, scabbard detail and pistol holsters as it adds a bright colour to an otherwise fairly monochrome palette, and the grubby look that his robe has been given. Rather good for a tabletop game marker I think.


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