The Dark Fortress

Azrael by LunchBox

An amazing tour de force of painting techniques has been employed in the creation of this model. Not only that but a slightly different colour palette has been adopted that gives a slightly darker look to our Supreme Grand Master.

I am not going to say too much about this model as really the inages speak for themselves, but here are a few remarks from the painter:

"My $4 Azrael from Ebay; I always like the model, and wanted to try some aggressive painting techniques:

The green was done with no base coat. Over the light gray primer, I glazed on 3 coats of Vallejo Model Color Flat Green, to give it a medium, desaturated green tint. Afterwards, I applied 3 glazes of Reaper Elvin Green to shade. Then, a few glazes of Reaper Ghoul Gray to lighten up the highlights, and a bit more of Reaper Orc Flesh at the lightest areas of the armor, as well as tracing the edges of the armor. After all that, I glazed on the VMC Flat Green onto all the armor areas… this one was so thin, I could barely tell it did anything, until the next glaze, which is Elvin Green from about 1mm away from the lightest highlight down to the armpit. Citadel Rotting Flesh is traced on the armor edges by the lightest actual armor highlight.

The black robes were done using successive glazes of black, then highlighted with Reaper Armor Gray, then reaper Ash Gray, then reaper Ghoul Gray. I then glazed a few coats of Reaper Elvin Green on the black...but you can only really tell in person.

As for time, this one only took me about 15 hours… quite an improvement."


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