The Dark Fortress

Dark Angels Contemptor Dreadnought by Blalock-Doane

Forge World's Contemptor Dreadnought is a unit that has just really taken off. The model looks great and the rules and points cost are all well thought through. They can be painted to look pretty awesome too, as this one by Bennett Blalock-Doane demonstrates.

The Contemptor out of the box looks good but the lack of sculpted details on its torso and lower legs surface areas can make it look very plain. So this one has had extensive Dark Angels 'bling' added as well as some neat freehand iconography applied to give a lot more character. I particularly like the devices applied to its knees plates.

The Dark Angel and Ravenwing upgrade sprues, and other sources, have been raided to supply a range of Chapter-specific totems — the two wings adjacent to the head being the standout items. Just enough has been done for the required effect without going too far. And resplendent in its bone white there is no mistaking the model's Deathwing affilliation. Painted battle damage and general wear and tear has also been used as a device to break up the large surfaces of this model.

Overall beautifully built and painted model utilising a fairly standard Deathwing/DA colour palette but with careful attention to detail and application. Great pose and well based too. Inspiration for anyone wondering how to handle their own Dark Angels Contemptor.

More of Blalock-Doane's work can be seen on Meanbeautiful.


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