The Dark Fortress

Flesh Tearers strikeforce by Mortarion

Blood-soaked and battered is the only way to describe Mortarion's evocative Flesh Tearers. Built using a mixture of model sources and heavily modified in some cases, it's a good case in point for creative thinking prior to constructing anything — carefully sourcing bits to make the models work both indivdually and as part of a larger collection.

Painting style is quite 'dirty' with roughly blended highlights set off against extensive dark shading and layers of applied grime and armour damage. It's quite risky adding so much detritus to the base model unless you are very confident of your own skills — it would be so easy to ruin the model at this stage and then have to start again. The same can be said of the modelled battle damage — the great slashes and gouges cut into the models — steady nerves required. Overall the look is quite outstanding and seems to suit the subject exceptionally well.

A quick word on the excellent free-handing demonstrated here, on banners, vehicle murals, chapter and other icons as this is the mark of a skilled painter. Free-handing rather than decals is one way to really add unique distinction to your models — but it must be done very well or the whole thing falls down. This is very well done.

Bases, so often the poor relation to great painting, have here been cleverly designed around each model, in fact I don't think their are any two identical. Again this could have been easily overdone, but has been handled sensibly using a fixed palette of colours, features and basic design elements. The Attack bike bases are impressive, each made from four 20mm bases as a starting point.

Let your flesh creep.


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