The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by Sir Tancrede

Deathwing dirtied and bloodied… as they should be. Containing classic metal Space Marine and Dark Angel models, this is a real blast of nostalgia for me.

These models from part of an ongoing entry by Sir Tancrede in a painting competition being run on the Bolter & Chainsword.

They are beautifully put together and painted. The gritty paint application, the hazzard stripes, the weathering and battle damage — they just look stunning. The built-in details on the smaller-torsos of those old metals makes the new (plastic) brethren look very plain by camparison. And somehow, shuffling stiffly along into the enemy's guns, sum up for me the slowness and lack of agility that I've always imagined the signature hallmarks of terminator suit clad warriors. That character has been captured brilliantly.

Lovely to see that old Dark Angels metal dreadnought in action again, armed exactly as he should be when supporting the Deathwing in the field: twin-las and missile launcher.

Some of these are a work in progress but that doesn't detract at all. Hopefully more will be added soon as they are completed.


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