The Dark Fortress

Consecrator strikeforce by EPK

The Consecrators were one of the more interesting Successor Chapters to make their appearance in the current DA Codex. It's a pity they didn't get some interesting rules to match.

No matter. What they have though provided fertile ground for gamers and modellers who like their pre-Heresy style. Here is the start of a collection by EPK — so far consisting of a few models but promising much by way of conversions and painting.

EPK's are very cleanly painted in crisp black with a straight Fenris Grey armour plate edge highlight with Codex Grey for extreme highlights. The bluer tone of the highlights makes the armour look glossily black and stops the overall tone sinking to grey. A mix of MK4, 5 and and 6 armour, backpacks, legs and the use of 'beakie' helms and converted helms reinforces the legendary ancient visage of the Chapter. A great deal of attention has been paid to the authenticity of these models: Note the use of the relic missile launcher and a couple of older bolter patterns used here. Also plenty of sculpted purity seals as holy relics and some neat personal heraldry adds the finishing touches. The yellow eye lenses are unusual but add great focal points.


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