The Dark Fortress

Deathwing Contemptor Dreadnought by Urukguy

So here's a stunning model to support your Deathwing squads or anything else for that matter.

There's something about a Contemptor in Deathwing livery, they just look fantastic. Urukguy's is no exception. But not only does it look good but it's armed with the dual Kheres assault cannons and cyclone missile launcher too for decent gaming firepower performance. Just what's required.

A few standout details for me: I'm really liking the broad green stripe that runs along the model's helmet although in truth I've never really been that keen on 'big Marine heads' on Dreadnoughts — always prefering the traditional boxy sarcophagus. That being said the turned head gives it real focus and direction. The extensive and detailed personal heraldry including the banner it is defending are amazing and totally 'right'. I also like the use of the bronze matallics as it makes the armour look very antique. But stikes me the most is its total grubbiness: oils stains, heat/soot residue and of course the amazing battle damage.

This thing has been on campaign for a looong time. And something about its 'eyes' strike me that it's pretty pissed about something. A brilliant Contemtpor — full of contempt.


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