The Dark Fortress

Veteran sergeant Naaman and Scout squad by Urukguy

Despite the double indiginity of being killed off on Piscina IV and thus no longer featuring in the last two Dark Angel Codexes, Naaman is still very close to Dark Angel hearts.

This is a simple but effective Naaman conversion that uses the Sergeant Telion model as a base. The Telion model has some nice detailing and is thankfully not covered with Ultramarine iconography which makes it easier to work with. An arm swap giving him a chainsword, the addition of a teleport homer (let's face it every DA Scout model should have one), a holstered bolter and combat knife on his back, and a head swap, immediately and dramtically changes the original into something quite new.

He doesn't carry the ceremonial dagger as featured on his old metal model that signified his Veteran Deathwing Honours status. But I'm guessing for a Scout it would just hamper his movement so it's safely back on the battlebarge.

He and his squad are all very nicely painted. The dark reddish purple camo cloak lining works really well — a feature that is carried on to the other members of his Scout squad. And the camouflage pattern itself is nicely designed and executed.

DA Scouts have never really featured much for me in gaming terms and I certainly never used Naaman. Although back in 3rd Edition I did use a sniper squad with an autocannon for a while. While I admit Scouts look great I could never really get to grips with a 4+ save in a Space Marines army!


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