The Dark Fortress

Sammy in Speeder by VanSan

Another VanSan classic, this time a highly originally modified speeder ride for Sammael.

Extensive modifications and additions to the standard speeder including extending its length and the more obvious closed armoured cockpit has produced a vehicle that would from a great centre-piece to any Dark Angel battleforce. The closed cockpit has been constructed largely from plastic card — although if you look closely you will see a Dreadnought's left gun arm in there too. You will also see the clever reuse of the original speeeder items such as the armoured windscreens have been pressed into service as new side windows.

Items from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue and elsewhere have been used very creatively to add other unique features including the feathered rear tail wings, the rear wing-mounted miniguns and the forward-thrusting Raven motif.

The painting itself follows VanSan's 'normal' Ravenwing/black recipe:

  • primer chaos black
  • first highlight shadow grey
  • second highlight space wolfs grey
  • wash badab black

Then it's a case of picking out the white, red and green items where appropriate, before finally adding the battle damage that has become a familiar hallmark of VanSan's work. And his other hallmark – hazzard striping, has been used here on the excellent base.

The look of the speeder perfectly encapsulates the Shield of Night special rule — so a well thought conversion. What a cool ride!


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