The Dark Fortress

RW Darkshroud by Vadskaer

The Darkshroud model to be honest isn't a favourite of mine — something to do with the very awkward-looking front turret (looking something like a World War I Handley Page 0/400), the strange faired-over co-pilot's canopy and its general ungainliness I think.

But putting all my pre-held prejudices aside, Vadskaer has put one together and made it look like something worth having. Critical to its success is its angle. Set upon a Scribor base, with all focus on an invisible enemy somewhere within the radius of its turning circle, it now looks like it's sweeping in for a low level strafing* run. Even the pilot is getting in on the act with his bolt pistol, a nice touch. Brings a rather clunky model to life. This pose has just captured that banking movement, nicely emphasising its airborne freedom.

As there's only a few of these birds in the DA arsenal I opted for a more decorative and ornamented look. There are several bits from other kits, such as the Ravenwing upgrade frame, the Dark Angels upgrade frame and also from the Ravenwing command squad.


A great centre-piece for any Unforgiven force.

*Did you know the word 'strafe' comes from the adaptation of the German First World War catchphrase Gott strafe England ‘may God punish England’.


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