The Dark Fortress

Lord Inquisitor and Retinue
by Ordo =II= Maleus

A great model collection featured here, the first of the non-Unforgiven galleries on The Dark Fortress. Shown are an Inquisitor, Acolyte, Gun Servitor and Heirophant.

What I particularly like about this Inquisitor is the colour of his armour, it's very muted and looks extremely archaic. The model uses the metal terminator Chaplain as a basis – with a new head, combining this with standard Grey Knight arms. The scrollwork, censor and other general quasi-religious icons fit the Inquisitor theme really well.

All the models featured use a very gritty painting style, with deep shadows and very little in the way of extreme highlighting. This makes everything look dirty, flat and less "model-like" to my eyes — something that makes these really stand out from the GW 'Eavy Metal style for instance where the clean shiny theatrical-look is preferred.

On the retinue, all are very quirky (and why not), with the Ogryn-based gun servitor being the most surprising. They have all have been painted with great attention to detail and use a similar limited colour palette of reds, golds and greys. The whole harmonises really well and pulls them together as a tight cohesive unit.

Everything is beautifully painted that goes without saying, all enhanced by the excellent snow-themed bases that complements the figures really well.

Top marks for characterisation.


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