The Dark Fortress

Belial by Arjay

An extremely slick Belial, based upon the excellent Lysander metal figure.

A lot of work has gone into this pre-painting. Grinding and filing off all Imperial Fist iconography is a soul-destroying task — I know because I have attempted it myself.

But the model just reeks latent energy and power. Whatever you might think of arming Belial with a thunder hammer and storm shield game-wise, visually it looks stunning.

What I particularly like about this model is the use of a very limited colour palette. Everything seems to come out of the same dusty earth tones, giving a uniquely atmospheric quality.

Sometimes you look at a model and think my word that is just too good to be true. This is one of those models. Superbly smooth blends on virtually every surface seamlessly join to one another in an essay of painting excellence. And the NMM treatment of the metallic ornamentation (non-metallic metals, painting the metal effect without using metalic paints) is just about perfect.

There isn't much to fault here, from the basing to the photography it's just a tour de force to be admired — so admire.


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