The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by Marcus

One for nostalgia buffs: Deathwing from the past. It's hard to believe that this is what Terminators actually used to look like!

You have to just love these, they bear really close scrutiny. From the reds and greens that pop from the pure white of the Deathwing Terminator armour plate to the extensive use of the excellently designed and executed hand-painted paper banners. They have all been painted and detailed brilliantly and reflect the era they were produced. Notice the Army Badge (featured on some models' right shin pads) and the black crossed sword motif are straight off the original Deathwing decal sheet.

The collection consists of a three HQs: a Librarian, an Interrogator-Chaplain, and a Deathwing Grand Master together with an Apothecary and a Terminator Captain; three Deathwing tactical squads with a flamer, an assault cannon and a cyclone missile launcher respectively; and a Deathwing assault squad sporting twin-lightning claws. The claws models just look so good, it's a pity that thunder hammers and storm shields are now the dominant assault weapon choice in the 6th Edition game. Also included is an 'Inner Circle' squad complete with dark red robes — totally made up of course but looking good.

As a point of interest, the model featuring the predominantly green Terminator armour has had his colour scheme influenced by in image featuring a green-painted Terminator pictured in the 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook of 1993 — and labelled as being a 'Dark Angel Terminator Captain'.

Notice that the cyclone missile launcher model had a hand-held sighting device instead of a power fist in his left hand. Interesting that this lack of power fist feature has now resurfaced with the current Terminator Apothecary set-up — to the disappointment of many.

More of Marcus' work can be seen on the blog site agis40k.


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