The Dark Fortress

Ravenwing biker by Michael

Bringing a new slant to the visual manifestation of 40K subjects, Michael turns his hand (and eye) to the Ravenwing.

And what we get is a refreshingly 'between missions' view of one of our second Company.

As a piece 40K fan-art it is freed from the usual heavily tailored look that Games Workshop, Forge World and Black Library (and other 40K licence holders) use to convey the grim future in their artwork. That's their prerogative of course, but a new perspective is often a welcome one as it broadens the scope of the imagination to visualise in new ways. While this might not fit an art directors idea of the brand of 40K it is evocative and clever while not falling into the realms of the overly stylised comic book genre.

[…] I ended up deciding on the between missions scheme, with the squadron parked in a thunderhawk, being rearmed / refueled while taking in new scout sweep patterns. The character has donned a veteran robe and has a power weapon in the form of a mace (rather than a plasma or meltagun), since it fitted the medieval knight theme of the Dark Angels' better in my opinion.

I like the unusual perspective that has been used. It really conveys the sheer bulk and 'toughness' of a Space Marine's bike and its latent power in a way that doesn't involve it moving or firing its weapons. A bit like a chained beast I suppose. Perhaps you, the viewer, are a tech servitor controlling the fuel flow and looking up at this warrior, hoping not to spill any on his paintwork?

Ravenwing symbols and details are everywhere but not in the least over the top — you just get a very bulky black bike with a black plated Space Marine astride it looking wistfully into the middle distance, perhaps receiving new orders over his comm-link. Very characterful.

And all this with not an ejecting bolter round in sight. A piece of 40K artwork of the very highest quality, so soak it in.


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