The Dark Fortress

Belial conversion by stobz

So what do you get when you mix Commander Culln with Lugft Huron? A pretty cool Belial is what. Have a look at this seamless conversion that brings the First Company Grand Master to life.

Anyone who cuts up two Forge World's resin models have got to know what they're doing beforehand or they muck up two expensive models. Luckily stobz had a plan in his head — and stuck with it. Basically the model is Commander Culln (Red Scorpions Chapter Master) from the waist down, and Lugft Huron (Astral Claws Chapter Master) from the waist up. The right arm below the elbow with sword is Culln's, the left arm is Huron's but has been drastically cut down to facilitate the grafting of the shield-holding hand. For the WYSIWYG purists – the sword 'counts as' a thunder hammer — the sword just looks more DA (we have a fascination with them). The shield arm is magnetised and can be swapped for Culln's original storm bolter arm to counter any WYSIWYG problems should they arise. Additionally greenstuff has been used to create the flowing robe.

In my opinion he's used the best parts of each and the resulting dynamic pose and proportions hang together very creditably. It in no way looks like a Frankenstein hotch potch.

The Astral Claw shoulderpads works brilliantly as an icon for the DA incorporating a Lion's head — perhaps worn out of respect for our Primarch and the winged motif on Culln's right shinguard is itself very similar to the DA Chapter symbol.

On the painting stobz has gone classic white Deathwing (to better represent the ghostly, walking dead theme as espoused in the original short story) with very strong contrasting shadows, punctuated with bright reds and muted golds to lift the scheme. This style suits models en masse as can be seen from the image below of Belial surrounded by the Deathwing. The blue on the storm shield represents the built in energy field generator in action.

The star here is the creative spark behind the converstion. It isn't something many people would consider doing — hacking up two perfectly good resin models, so great work stobz, great inspiration.


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