The Dark Fortress

Sammael on jetbike by bevulf

Sammael is a tricky model to put together well let alone paint well to look the part of being in full flight. Here's how bevulf handled it.

bevulf's Sammy has bevulf's unique look: creamy robe with deep contrasts between light and dark, the robe probably the best painted feature on this model as it actually looks like cloth billowing and not creased cardboard; a very light DA green picking out various small details; and a very well defined face. And check out the pinkish-purple purity seals, a detail that references his other models featured here.

The pages of the book spread out on the prow are very nicely detailed — extremely finely detailed painting — it lifts the model into the Studio class for sure. The orangy reds really pop against the largely black model and stop it becoming drab as the usual browns can sometimes do (for the holster and handlebar grips specifically). The metallic elements, the bits that get hot, are nicely handled to look heat-stained. The decorative metal elements are treated as warm coppery golds.

All together he looks like he's moving and great speed. I suppose this has to do with good sculpting up to a point, but that robe …


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