The Dark Fortress

Ad Mech-themed Nurgle strikeforce
by bad buddha

Here's something a bit left-field: this is a 'counts as' Nurgle army built to look like something from the Ad Mech. The main treat here is to see where all the parts come from. There are Necron, Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine and Tau bits and pieces used to create these fantastic models.

In fairness there is actually not much of a Nurgle influence — but that doesn't matter — as what has been produced from various diverse set of parts hangs together beautifully, enhanced by a simple colour palette of largely silvers, blacks and reds.

For greater detail, the force comprises:

  • A Daemon Prince (Archmagos Veneratus)
  • A Greater Daemon of the Machine Spirit
  • A Defiler (Centurion assault engine)
  • Obliterators (Praetorian auxilia)
  • Terminators (Cybernetica cohort)
  • Plague marines (heavy Skitarii)
  • Spawn of the Machine God.

The whole army looks pretty convincing in all its mechanical glory. And a reat inspiration for other Adeptus Mechanicus devotees.


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