The Dark Fortress

Sammael by Joe Thomas

A great showpiece item of Sammael superbly painted and modelled by a professional figure painter.

The manifestation is purely textbook where everything is just right. The different materials represented on the model are finished in distinctive ways: the black armour has been superbly handled with extreme white highlighting used throughout; the graduations on the cloth of the cape are free flowing and smooth — adding to the dynamism of the model; the metallic areas of the engine detailing and general ornamentation are given a simple effective treatment yet prefectly convey metals.

The main details that stand apart for me are Sammael's face which is particularly ferocious; the opened book with its fine detailing and gentle shading; and the white areas of the bird on the prow and feathers on the planes that are all handled with great subtlety.

Quick mention of the base here too. So often the poor relation of any model, this has been well considered to complement the model without detracting from it.

So, nothing outlandish here, just Sammy as he should be. Just brilliantly executed.


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