The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by Lil Loser

Metal termies like you've never seen them before. It's been a long time since we've featured a 'new' army built from the classic old metal Terminator models, so it's a pleasure to showcase these two squads by Lil Loser.

Despite their smaller stature and footprint — these guys just ooze class. And some of these models are really old — indicated by the pointed lower edge to some of the shoulder pads.

Not only are they quite brilliantly put together as individual models with parts new, old or scratchbuilt, they've also been painted in a style that I really like. Comprising a very 'painterly' (to steal a phrase from the art world) approach to the application of shade and highlight, sketchy impressionistic nature of the faces, dramatic bases, and liberally battle-damaged armour plate.

My own favourites: check the termies with cyclones and their left-arm sighting units (remember those?). The missile launchers each have a drilled hole indicating a fired missile — a nice touch — while the missile launchers themselves are Tau kit bashed.

Pride of place I guess goes to the squad sergeant and his banner. Its design based on a combination of a William Blake (1757-1827) image and that of an 'Emperor' Tarot card. After the design was painstakingly put together, it was then set alight in a controlled manner resulting in the burnt battle damage effect you now see. That's some dedication to achieving the perfect visual result I think!


More of Lil Loser's work can be seen on his LilLegend Studio blog.


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