The Dark Fortress

Dark Angels by bevulf

It's been a long time since I've put a largely Greenwing army into the +ORATORIUM but here's one that ticks a lot of boxes for me.

It's not your standard DA look — the armour plate is of a shade that doesn't immmediately scream DA, but it does work. Same goes bone white that looks extremely creamy. The details are great, DA sculpted shoulder pads beautifully painted as are the banners, the DA paintediconography, the personal iconography (particularly in the Deathwing squad) — it's all good, very good.

The named characters are superb. Azreal not being a favourite GW model of mine, but Ezekiel and Asmodai certainly are. All are great and share the 'lighter' tone of the rest of the army, best demonstrated on the Librarian's armour. And check out the pink purity seals on Asmodai.

Just want to mention the bases too as here they are really adding something other than pure decoration as the colour palette contrasts well with the models sitting on top.

My favourite piece though is the Predator. It too has some beautiful freehand work as well as a really realistic worn and torn appearence which is in contrast to the infantry models. The painting looks 'right' for the scale of the model.

I'd love to see some Ravenwing added.


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