The Dark Fortress

Flesh Tearers' Sanguinary Guard, Terminators and Drop Pod by Mortarion

When you think of the traditional Sanguinary Guard you see gold-armoured warriors with angelic white wings… think again! And his Terminators put a new spin on the superb Space Hulk models.

Mortarion's Sanguinary Guard perfectly reflects his Flesh Tearers' near chaos look with plenty of blood, dark gritty colour palette and tortured facial expressions on the tarnished masks. The barbed sword blades a subtle touch that sets their character in place. It's surprising what a difference changing the wings to black makes let alone the other details that have been adde and is a good lesson in how models can be so completely altered by pretty much paint alone.

Adding to the Flesh Tearers' Elites newcomers — Terminators. Using the beautifully crafted Blood Angels Space Hulk Terminators as donors, they've been given the same unique Mortarion treatment with grime, battle damage and general gore resulting in something quite different in feel. The beautifully freehand-painted sergeants banner being the icing on the cake.

And as a recent addition — a battered looking drop pod that has seen a bit of action and so far survived to fight another day.

Two superb new units and a dedicated transport to expand an already existing creative blood frenzied inspired Flesh Tearers army. Carefully considered characterisation at it's best.


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